Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is my investment guaranteed to give us independence?


Answer: We promised to make Ambazonia ungovernable; we promised to increase the cost of the occupation; we promised to delegitimise Cameroun; we
promised to make Ambazonia an international Contender; we promise to deliver and above all we promise that our clean accountability as usual, will bring back real trust and the zeal again in this War of Liberation brought upon us.

Trust in the strategy.

2. Is my credit card information being stored by this campaign?


No. All credit card information are handled by a well vetted third party financial institution. That institution will never share your information with us except to provide your funds for the liberation of Ambazonia.

3. What about those who do not have credit cards? Can debit cards be used? Credit cards are difficult for foreigners in some countries to obtain?


You can use cheque card, business account card, current account card etc. We are still working to get debit cards to work. otherwise you may send email to or send a WhatsApp text to +1 905 782 0911 and our local representative contact and provide alternative means to support the struggle

4. Is it possible and easy to switch from my already registered card to my new credit card without double paying?


Yes. Make a new donation with the new card, our support team will manually disable the old card subscription. After making payment you can send a quick email or whatsapp to or send a WhatsApp text to +1 905 782 0911 or click the chat button on the right for a support staff to cancel the old card subscription

5. Can I stop the automatic contribution whenever I want?


Yes. You have total control of your contribution. Login, then on the menu click “My Recurrent ” to see your subscription. To stop your contribution, Please send us an email to or send a WhatsApp text to +1 905 782¬† to cancel your monthly recurrent donation.

6. How secured and certain are you that this site will not be hacked and our credit card info. leaked out?


All your information is handled and processed by a well vetted third party financial institution. This site does not handle any of your personal data to include your credit card information.

7. What do I do if I want my contributions to strictly go to Humanitarian work? I want my country liberated but I am not a gun person.?


Drop a comment as you make our donation, our finance team will contact or advise your accordingly  you may also send an email to with your special instructions and we will make sure your funds are applied to ONLY humanitarian activities.

8. Is there any other channel of reoccurring contribution that I can contribute to monthly without giving out my card information?


All our mission heads all over the world are available to receive monthly donations directly from our citizens. they will provide you an AmbaCoin certificate to catalog your payments.

Please send us an email to or send a WhatsApp text to +1 905 782 0911 and state which country you are located in and we will connect you with a mission representative closest to your area.

9. I live in the USA and I want to mail my monthly checks. Can I do that and if so where do I mail the check to?

ANSWER: Yes, you can make a monthly donation through personal checks. Please make check payable to AGovC and mail to

P.O. Box 93 Blacklick, OH 43004 USA

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